Muscadine Wine Varietals...

White Oak Sweet  - A sweet fruity white wine made from the Carlos grape with
a very smooth finish and a strong grape aroma and taste.  A must for those for
those with the love of the old fashioned flavor of the Muscadine grape.  

White Oak Semi-Sweet  - A white wine also made from the Carlos grape only a
little less sweet.  The Semi-Sweet White is an excellent choice for those who
have less experience with the traditional Muscadine flavor, but still enjoy a
slightly sweet, fruity flavor in a wine.  

Red Oak Sweet  -  A deliciously rich, sweet wine which captures the flavor,
fullness and robust qualities of the dark Muscadine.  

Red Oak Semi-Sweet - A slightly dry red wine, this wine is perfect for those
who are accustomed to a more traditional red table wine.  

Sweet Bay Blush - A harmonious blend of white and red muscadines, the
Sweet Bay Blush captures the best qualities of both.  The fruity, smooth
characteristics of the white are represented, complimenting the bold, robust
flavor of the dark Muscadine grape.  

We recommend serving our wines chilled, however your pallet is unique to you,
chill to your preference and to your unique taste..

Blueberry Wine - Such and enjoyable way to obtain the
antioxidants.  Our award winning Blueberry Wine
is ready in early Spring!

Strawberry Wine - A sweet entrance with a tart finish, made
from 100% local Strawberries!

Peach Wine - Just as peachy keen as can be, made from 100%
North Carolina Peaches!

Habenero Infused White Oak Sweet - A spicy sweet wine with
lots of kick.  Great for marinades or great in a shot glass!

A Merry Berry Fine Spice Mulled Wine - Yumm for the cold
weather served warm!